Thursday, June 29


    Nothing in these clippings seals the true placement of the Nashville/Kansas City tape, but at least we get a decent tally of the night’s set.  Curiously, the River City Review author correctly names the tricky Bye Bye Johnny and Rip This Joint songs, yet appears to sequence Gimme Shelter right before Jumping Jack Flash.  I suspect that this reference is just another case of mistaken attribution or nonlinear citation, but absent a definitive local tape it opens a very slight chance that the Stones actually did rework the set a bit in Nashville.  After all, it was the last gig before the mid-tour break, and perhaps the band used their evening in the fabled Music City to experiment with alternate song order.


    The opening act performance by the Dorothy Norwood Singers was not credited in Karnbach & Bernson’s It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll.




Nashville Banner




River City Review

Brown Sugar


Brown Sugar








Gimme Shelter










Love In Vain









All Down The Line



Midnight Rambler



Bye Bye Johnny



Rip This Joint








Jagger: “one-piece, membrane-thin silk jump suit, white shoes, lavendar sash, and a denim jacket”




Opening: Dorothy Norwood Singers, Stevie Wonder


Jagger: “purple velvet nailhead-studded pants and shirt” with “lavendar sash, a leather belt and a denim jacket”




Opening: Stevie Wonder


Jagger: “dark-blue velour jump suit, with studded sequins, a scarf around his neck, and a 1930-ish hat”





Opening: Clara Ward Gospel Singers, Stevie Wonder


Elman, Uptight With The Stones: “At five-thirty the following afternoon I went down to the hall in Nashville to check out a rumor of counterfeit tickets and perhaps talk to Chipmonck and some of the advance men...Keith explained he had stayed overnight in Tuscaloosa to party with the Stevey Wonder band and they’d had a ball, in his words, ‘fucking and sucking.’”


Nashville Banner: “The Stones, as they are affectionately known, sent out for three ‘barrels’ of Kentucky fried chicken before bouncing on stage and causing the audience to stand on their chairs.”


River City Review: “It was a night of good vibes, fantastic lights and sounds; topped off by the Stones themselves. It was good to see so much professionalism in a production at a time when equipment hassles, security problems, etc. are bugging other shows. As far as I could tell, everything came off without a hitch. The sound was superb.”


Terry Southern, Saturday Review: “CLOSE UP, heeled boot rapping out crack-crack-crack flamenco tempo, as Keith surges into Midnight Rambler (Nashville) and turns it every way but loose.”


Tennessean: “Stromberg put down speculation that the Stones might use the four-day blank in their tour agenda following the Nashville concert to do some recording here. ‘No chance,’ he said. ‘Everybody will spend the time taking a deserved rest before we go on to Washington.’”


Cash Box: “The Rolling Stones, who hit the halfway mark of their extensive U.S.-Canada concert tour June 29 at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, had played to over 260,000 persons by that time...The Dorothy Norwood Singers gospel group joined the group in Fort Worth, played five shows with the traveling Stones before getting off at Nashville.”


Amusement Business: “Opening gospel act, the Dorothy Norwood Singers, drew moderate response. Stevie Wonder followed, again proving himself a most versatile and highly-talented performer.”




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