Tuesday, June 27


    We are fortunate to have a complete Mobile tape in circulation, for the two local dailies contribute the fewest total song references in the entire body of STP city reviewing.  One concert report here reads like a dispatch from the police beat writer.


    The opening act performance by the Dorothy Norwood Singers was not credited in Karnbach & Bernson’s It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll.




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Brown Sugar



no songs mentioned
















Jagger: “purple jumpsuit, pink sash and purple silk jockey’s cap”




Opening: Dorothy Norwood Singers, Stevie Wonder




no encore despite “tremendous attempt by the audience to bring the Stones back”


Elman, Uptight With The Stones: “The crowd seemed as anxious to please the Stones as a bride preparing her first meal at home. They whooped it up from the first note, threw frisbies, exploded green stink bombs, were on their feet long before Midnight Rambler, bobbed and weaved slowly with Love In Vain, and by the time the Stones were closing on Streetfighting Man they had successfully resolved all existing scientific doubts about the possibility of the vaginal, as well as the clitoral, orgasm.”


Rolling Stone: “On stage, the Stones kick into Jumpin’ Jack Flash and someone explodes a smoke bomb down in front. A cloud of green smoke comes floating towards the amps.”


Mobile Register: “The sound levels and mixing were raunchy, which was disappointing. Keys and Price were continually frustrated by mikes and monitors which they couldn’t hear. Jagger’s voice sometimes was fading and then got too loud. Hopkins was rarely heard. A pity, actually.”


Truman Capote, Rolling Stone: “There was this thing about the Stones that I hated. Which was...that...the kids would be staying there – they’d end the performance...Chip Monck would say, ‘Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones – .‘ And the lights would go up – or had been up, actually – and the kids are standing there and they’re just – breaking their hearts applauding...And there they are in this dreary Mobile, Alabama, ghastly, - Fort Worth, Texas. I mean, they waited months and months for this thing. They wanted it, you know...for such a long time. And then, the Rolling Stones – Not only have they left, not only have they no intention of giving an encore, they are already on their airplane up in the sky while the kids are down there applauding and applauding and pleading, saying, ‘Please come back, please come back!” and everybody knowing that they’ve long since gone their way...Twice I didn’t go on the plane because I wanted to watch this phenomenon. It was heartbreaking. I mean, they would stay for half an hour, and nobody would come out and tell them that they aren’t going to come back. And then they would finally drift out.”


Elman, Uptight With The Stones: “Afterwards Mick Taylor said he felt the Stones had performed poorly, and Jagger remarked they had sounded ‘a bit too countryish, you know, hick.’”


Mobile Press: “Officials praised the crowd for its orderliness, and the Rolling Stones for their request to keep the thousands of fans calm.”




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