Kansas City

Thursday, June 22


    Following the extended Chicago stay, the band swings south with a stopover performance in Kansas City.  Truman Capote joins the tour and Annie Leibovitz snaps the immortal backstage photograph of Keith splayed out, exhausted, in full concert regalia.


    Kansas City is the first STP venue for which no underground press review has yet emerged, but the quest for set information is sustained nonetheless, thanks to a local daily that ran an almost complete inventory of the standard song repertoire.  Still, the currently available press is unexpectedly thin and yields no clues about the true provenance of the so-called “Kansas City” concert tape, which avid collectors know bears a very strong resemblance to the so-called “Nashville” concert tape.  (Indeed, the two tapes are one and the same recording.)  With no arena or date markers in the audio itself, and no onstage Jagger-talk quoted by the two Kansas City dailies, it may take a fresh clipping from the area’s other dailies or college newspapers to help clear up this attribution tangle.  Whatever the source, let us hope it will confirm or refute the intriguing KC Star report that Jagger “jumped uninterrupted” from YCAGWYW to Midnight Rambler.  For if the band (perhaps reeling from the Chicago bacchanal) truly did skip All Down The Line that evening, then the tape, with its blueprint 15-song set, cannot come from Kansas City.




Kansas City Star


Kansas City Times

Brown Sugar



no songs mentioned



Gimme Shelter


Tumbling Dice

Love In Vain

Sweet Virginia



Midnight Rambler

“Johnny B. Goode” = BBJ

Rip This Joint




Jagger: “a purple velvet bell-bottomed jump suit, a long purple sash wrapped around his waist”


Opening: Stevie Wonder


Jagger: “a silver cross swinging across his perspiring chest”



Opening: Stevie Wonder



Rolling Stone: “The hall in Kansas City is like a movie theater, and it smells of melted butter.”


STP: “After the nonstop partying in Chicago, the Kansas City show is, to put it kindly, subdued. Capote stands beneath the amps, watching, as the band manages to stay on its feet throughout the whole set. When they come off, Keith says grimly, ‘Tomorrow we rehearse. For sure.’”




Selected Press Clippings


Kansas City Star1 * 2


Kansas City Times